The 6-6-6 on Ghost Tours in the U.S.

The third installment of my Halloween series is devoted to ghost tours in the United States. There are plenty of great tours in many American cities, so eventseekr is bringing you the 6-6-6 on paranormal tours throughout the country.

Prices quoted are for adult tickets in 2011. Many of these tours operate year-round and have additional tours offered in the month of October, so it’s not too late to check them out! Some tours are cash only, so look at their websites for payment information.

Top 6 Ghost Tours in the Northeast & Midwest

1. Original Ghosts of Gettysburg Tours – Gettysburg, PA – $10 to $20

The Original Ghosts of Gettysburg offers five different walking/minibus tours that cover much of the city, including Steinwehr Avenue and Baltimore Street. With over 46,000 casualties on the fields of Gettysburg, every inch of this town has been touched by the tragic events of July 1-3, 1863, from the Gettysburg College’s elevator, which is a time portal to a Civil War-era operating room, to the home of civilian casualty Jennie Wade.

2. Baltimore Ghost Tours – Baltimore, MD – $13 to $20

Baltimore, the city that brought you Edgar Allan Poe, is a great place to take a ghost tour. The Original Fell’s Point GhostWalk in the historic waterfront district recounts tales of rowdy sailors, bawdy prostitutes and travel-weary immigrants who docked in Baltimore in the 18th and 19th Centuries. If you are interested in a more, well, cultural side of Baltimore, the Mount Vernon GhostWalk goes into more than the stunning architecture of the area where tours meet up at the very haunted The Owl Bar. Of course, if you want to grab a pint and hear a tale, Fell’s Point Haunted PubWalk might be more up your alley.

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Ghost Tours.

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Unusual Events #1: The Devil’s Chase 6.66 Miler

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Unusual Events series, a column that aims to find the most unique/strangest/silliest events taking place around the world. We hope that through this column, and its partner, Bands with Unusual Names, you will be introduced to artists and events that you’ve never heard of.  I know that our staff certainly has.

Without further ado…our first unusual event: The Devil’s Chase 6.66 Miler, a Halloween-weekend race in Salem, Massachusetts that promises to be just as fun for the spectators as it is for the runners. And while the name suggests it’s all devilry, there’s actually a very angelic backbone to it: a portion of the proceeds go to The Plummer Home for Boys, a local group home for boys between the ages of 12-18.

Image courtesy of B&S Fitness Event Management

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