Workin for the Weekend: eventseekr’s Top Picks for 10/28/2011-10/30/2011

With Halloween coming around, there definitely isn’t a dearth of events going on this weekend. Since I don’t believe you people need any more help finding party venues, I’ve decided to gather a list of other options!

Here’s to working for the weekend!

Journey to the End of the Night, Saturday, October 29 @ 7pm

To kick off this year’s Come Out & Play Festival, which runs from October 29 to November 6, the festival organizers are bringing back the epic game of Halloween tag that spans from one end of  San Francisco to the other. Participants need to make it through a series of checkpoints using only their brains, brawn and public transportation. Runners will be chased by run-of-the-mill chasers, as well as the fearsome Chaser Killer. This year, the journey will begin at Cupid’s Span in Rincon Park instead of Justin Herman Plaza, due to the Occupy San Francisco protests. To keep on top of event information, follow Journey to the End of the Night on Facebook. You can register for the event here.
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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Boom Boom Room 10-1-2011 [Review]

Maybe you read my preview post on eventseekr about the new JFJO album, The Race Riot Suite, or maybe you didn’t. Well, as promised, I have an actual show review for their new tour in support of the new album. Since I have been a huge fan of the band for many years now, I’m a little biased. I have loved every show that I have ever seen, and never really get tired of going to more. It is amazing jazz; some of the best you will hear anywhere, so it is hard to tire of that sort of thing. I knew that the show at the Boom Boom Room on October 1st was going to be amazing. It really was never a question that entered my mind.

JFJO with horns by Brian Thomas

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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: New Album, New Tour, Same Brilliance [Preview]

Having gone to both high school and college in Oklahoma, I have been a fan of Tulsa band Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (JFJO) for quite a long time. I have seen them more times than I can count, and have always loved –  and I mean loved – their performances. The shows are amazing and the energy that exists between members of the band is truly outstanding. The transitions between songs are flawless, the perfect mix of jazz improvisation and a choreographed routine that has been practiced millions of times. Every musician brings an energy to the stage that is insane but focused, and they seem lost in the music they are performing. All of this leads to a show that shouldn’t be missed for any reason. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, your time has come – they are currently touring the nation with their 21st record, The Race Riot Suite.

Photo courtesy of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.

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