Dance Party with Yelle at Mezzanine [Review]

Yelle | Dirty Ghosts | Saturday, November 12, 2011 | Mezzanine | San Francisco

Yelle. Photo by Joey Pangilinan.

Some nights when going to a show, you just have this feeling in your stomach that lets you know that the entire night will be this epic, sprawling adventure. Approaching the entrance of the Mezzanine last Saturday night, you could feel the energy just by looking at the line of people still waiting to get inside with the music blaring out the front doors. I felt even more amped up when I entered the venue and saw the crowd of people already inside anxiously awaiting the dancey, electronic-pop sounds of Yelle. By the time my friends and I got inside, Dirty Ghosts was nearing the end of its set. Local to San Francisco, Dirty Ghosts had won a contest to open up for the French-headliners. Although we didn’t get to see much of its set, the band had clearly worked the room into a mood to dance and party.

The sold out show at Mezzanine was originally meant to be the second stop on this month-long tour for Yelle, but unfortunately, due to complications with visas, the tour opener at The Wiltern in Los Angeles had to be rescheduled until a few days after the San Francisco show. Thus, in the last 24-36 hours leading up to the show at Mezzanine, my friends and I were a bit nervous about the possibility of our show having to be postponed as well.

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The 6-6-6 on Haunted Lighthouses in North America

In the tradition of bringing you the 6-6-6 on the best haunted locations and ghost tours in the United States, here is the 6-6-6 on haunted lighthouses in North America. Lighthouses have long been a powerful symbol of solitude, perseverance and stoicism, and have served as homes for brave men and women who light the lanterns to guide ships from rocky shores and shallow waters. Considering the many tragic events tied to many lighthouses in the United States and Canada, The 6-6-6 on Haunted Lighthouses is sure to give you a chill.

All prices quoted are for the 2011 season and for adult entry.

Top 6 Haunted Lighthouses on the Atlantic

1. New London Ledge Light – New London, CT

Photo by L’eau Bleue, CC BY-SA 2.0

No doubt you have seen New London’s famous lighthouse on any number of ghost hunting TV shows. It is certainly one of the most haunted lighthouses in New England, home to the ghost of a former keeper or a construction worker named Ernie. Completed in 1909, New London Ledge Light was fully manned until 1987 when it was finally automated. The lighthouse is currently not open to the public due to an unsafe stairwell; however, it is visible thanks to boat tours of Long Island Sound.

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The 6-6-6 on Haunted Locations in the U.S.

Halloween is just a few weeks away now, not that we’re counting or anything. In the coming weeks there will be a slew of TV specials about ghosts, Halloween attractions and haunted sites. We’ve weeded through the pumpkin patch of purported haunted restaurants, hotels and attractions around the country to bring you a list of the top 6-6-6 haunted locations around the United States. Most of these venues have special events, tours or haunted houses during the months of September and October.

Top 6 Haunted Attractions & Museums

1. Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, CA)

The residence of Sarah Winchester (widow to the rifle fortune) was built with the guidance of the spirit world, with the warning that the ghosts of those who died at the hands of her family’s weapons would seek their vengeance if construction ever stopped.

2. Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia, PA)

Eastern State was in operation from 1829 to 1971, housing inmates in dark, solitary cells for 23 hours a day. Some of the ghosts at this prison include former guards and inmates, such as Al Capone and Willie Sutton.

Photo courtesy of Eastern State Penitentiary.

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