Foster the People w/ Reptar – The Fillmore 10/14/2011 [Review]

The Fillmore is one of my favorite venues in San Francisco–the chandeliers, dim lighting, and red walls plastered with rock and roll memorabilia make the two-story building feel like an intimate celebration of San Francisco and its musical history. I showed up ready to see the reigning indie pop/rock band of the summer, Foster the People, and the young, energetic Reptar. As if those two dance party starting acts weren’t enough, I picked up a show schedule to find that Noise Pop group, Cults, was slotted right in between them. The music gods were obviously on my side that night.

Reptar. Photo courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR.

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The Interns’ Top Picks for SF Outside Lands

Annie Closs, Katherine Hamilton, Katie Kopacz and Mudit Suebsukchareon have been an awesome addition to the eventseekr team over the past 10 weeks. Charged with either the articles that have been published or other research tasks, all four are made of awesome, and we are very thankful for their hard work. To close out their time here this summer, we asked each of them to choose a few bands from this year’s SF Outside Lands lineup and share why they would love to see these performers live.

The large crowd at the 2010 edition of SF Outside Lands. Photo by Jeff Kravitz.

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Lollapalooza Day 1

I didn’t know what to expect.

I have only gone to music festivals in California. At these events, I have my core crew of friends that I make these treks with. This time however, it is a smaller pack I am running with, and so it felt a little weird at first.

“They should be here,” or words to that effect had run through my mind the night before the festival actually began. By the time we entered the festival grounds, and the rush of music blaring every which way through Grant Park hit my body, a lot of that weird uneasiness went away. Not all of it, mind you. But a good portion of it at least. Of course, I’m still getting used to the humidity. Oh goodness gracious, the humidity.

Foster the People at Sony Stage. Photo by Joey Pangilinan.

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Lollapalooza 2011 Preview

Music festivals like Lollapalooza are experienced a little differently by those of us who are shorter than 5’5”. We are easily lost in a swarming crowd, mistaken for empty spaces in the audience, and bound to end up standing behind a 7’ tall man who will inevitably throw his girlfriend on his shoulders at some point during the show. This generally leads to a night ending in the affirmation “well, at least I could hear the music…” However, thanks to the 20th Anniversary Time Capsule, I discovered that as of 1994, Lolla outlines a particular loophole for us shorties that raises us taller than the rest:  Crowd surfing is prohibited UNLESS you are a certified waif. Woe no more, fellow pint sized music festival lovers.

There's always a Green Man at every festival. Lollapalooza 2010. Photo by Jack Edinger.

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