eventseekr Shuffle: Take It with a Bleach Chaser

Do not expect anything funny around here, since I am the author and my sense of humor is nonexistent. My impetus for making this playlist was my friend Dale calling the Finnish love metal band HIM “the worst band in the world.” Hmmm, I would disagree. HIM has at least one good song, which is the cover of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak, and you simply cannot make “Wicked Game” bad. And, at least HIM is honest in its being plastic kitsch, without any pretense to gosh-darned “rock’n’roll authenticity” (although, bazillions of Eastern European girls who slashed their wrists in tribute to HIM singer Ville Valo would disagree with me on that). So, ever since my friend berated HIM, I’ve been thinking of a way to incorporate the band in a mix (to make my friend angry, of course).

Here is a little Thanatos-centered playlist for you:

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