Unusual Events #2: North American Wife Carrying Championship

Yes. You read that title correctly. This means that a. there is a sport called wife carrying and b. it is so popular that North America gets its own championship. True and true. The North American Wife Carrying Championship takes place every fall at idyllic Sunday River Resort in Newry, Maine. This year’s festivities take place on October 8th, with the winner of this event going on to the World Championships in Finland. From there, they will compete for the prize of the wife’s weight in beer. Also true.

Rocco Andreozzi from Bethel, Maine, and Kim Wasco from Farmington, Maine, winning the final heat of the the 11th Annual North American Wife Carrying Championship, which took place on October 9 at Sunday River Ski Resort located in Newry, Maine. Photo courtesy of Sunday River Ski Resort.

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