Playing Outside the Box: Moneyball

It’s been nearly a decade since the 2002 season, the year that author Michael Lewis wrote about Oakland Athletics’ General Manger Billy Beane and his strategy to find overlooked and undervalued players to fill voids in the A’s low-payroll roster.

The concepts in Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game have become a lightning rod of controversy over the years, setting up a somewhat fictitious battle over the best way to build a ball club, between the traditional method of scouting and more recent statistics-driven analysis.

Round two of this spirited debate has surfaced with the release of the movie version of Moneyball, which focuses on the evolution of Beane’s theories and his motivation for putting them to use.

The Oakland A's playing host to the Toronto Blue Jays on August 20th, 2011. Photo by Joey Pangilinan.

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