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Catching Up with Reptar [Interview]

Back in October, I wrote a review for indie, dance-rock band Reptar‘s second consecutive show at the Fillmore with Foster the People. After that show, I had the chance to chat with a few of the members outside the venue, and they were kind enough to offer me contact information so that we could set up an interview at a later date. It just so happened that Reptar was coming back to the Fillmore only a few weeks later to play a show with the electronic-indie duo Phantogram, on November 2nd, so I jumped at the chance to get an interview with the up-and-coming band.

Originally, I was scheduled to do a phone interview with Reptar the day of the show, but after a game of phone tag–a succession of failed call attempts on both sides–Reptar keyboardist William Kennedy invited me to come down to the venue for the show. I couldn’t believe my luck!

After meeting up with Kennedy outside of the venue, he rounded up drummer Andrew McFarland, lead singer Graham Ulicny and their behind-the-scenes man/ videographer Ross Brubeck, and we entered the dressing room of the Fillmore for a quick interview. I have to admit: when I first entered the room I had an internal nerd moment and tried to wrap my head around how many rock and roll legends stood in the same spot I was in. That mental relapse aside, my conversation with the guys was like talking to old friends. Like myself, they are all very obvious products of the 1990s.

How is San Francisco treating you so far?

Soo Good. It’s amazing.

Have you had time to see the city?

Yeah the beach! There was a surf competition. We saw Slater kill it! Slater went AWOL. (laughs)

Reptar. Photo courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR.

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Skyping with Yelle [Interview]

This week, Yelle returns to San Francisco. The Mezzanine will play host to the electronic dance band from France this Saturday night, November 12th. Band members Tepr, GrandMarnier and Yelle herself were last here in San Francisco back in May of this year at the Grand Regency Ballroom just after playing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA in April.

I had the good fortune to see Yelle not only at Coachella this year, but on Halloween night three years ago, also at Mezzanine, when the group was on tour promoting its first album, Pop-Up. My friends and I discovered Yelle despite not knowing a lick of French. As with most fellow fans of Yelle, having a less than working knowledge of the French language is certainly not a hindrance. What makes Yelle so appealing is the band’s character and energy, which shine beyond any language barrier. With the release of the band’s follow-up album, Safari Disco Club, all members of the band are a little older and  a little wiser, but still always in the mood to have some fun and make you want to dance.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity, through Skype, to catch up with Yelle herself, Julie Budet, after the band wrapped production work on a new music video. Naturally, some topics discussed included her (as well as the band’s) passion for music, the band’s style and aesthetic, Halloween and even a little bit about making a fan out of Katy Perry and getting a chance to open up a few shows for her in the UK this year.

Yelle. Photo by Grégoire Alexandre.

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Little Red’s Dominic speaks of Wall Street and Hare Krishnas [Interview]

I recently got the chance to set up a chat with the lead singer of the fun Australian rock quintet Little Red. The group boasts success in their home country with their first EP, Listen to Little Red, meeting good national reviews upon release in June 2008. It was named album of the week on Triple J. It was subsequently snatched up by UK label Lucky Number Records for its Northern Hemisphere debut. The latest album, Midnight Remember (Liberation Records, September 2010), has enjoyed a warm welcome over the past year as it went gold in the Outback. The ‘Red men are now touring their most recent musical fruition. Needless to say, I was rather excited to talk with Dominic Byrne, the lead singer and one of two guitarists. So I “gave him a bell” last Tuesday. The band was in New York for a couple CMJ performances where Paste Magazine named them one of the “10 Great Bands” at the festival. Well done, Aussies.

Little Red. Photo by Angelo Kehagias. From left to right: Adrian Beltram (guitar, vocals) Dominic Byrne (vocals, guitar) Quang Dinh (bass, vocals) Taka Honda (drums) Tom Hartney (percussion, vocals).

Dominic picks up his cell phone on the streets of the Big Apple and away we go.

You all started in 2005 or 2007? I found a couple dates.

I’m not sure. It was either ’05 or ’06. It’s starting to get a little bit fuzzy. Yeah, it was one of those. I don’t know. I actually seriously don’t know.

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Get Your Pink On: The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re highlighting the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a fundraising event that takes place in nine different cities across the United States. To be a walker, you have to sign-up, raise $1,800, train and then walk a marathon and a half (39.3 miles) in two days. You can also participate by volunteering or just showing up and cheering on the walkers. I did this walk in 2009 in San Francisco, and one of my closest friends, Yasmin Firouzi, did the walk this past summer in Santa Barbara. To give you a sense of what one of these walks is like, I got a hold of Yasmin to have a chat.

Yasmin Firouzi. Photo by Yasmin Firouzi.

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Bantering with the Useless Keys at Slim’s [Interview]

Standing beneath the red neon Slim’s sign, which glows against the old fashioned brick exterior of the venue, I meet Michael Bauer, front man of the Useless Keys, a Los Angeles based space rock band. We head inside and meet up with guitarist Michael Regilio and they lead me downstairs into the bowels of the venue. As I set up my phone to record the interview, Regilio slaps his iPhone onto the table too. He declares that he will also be recording the interview to listen to later in the van. I’m instantly at ease with them; we all share a dry sense of humor, love of artsy music, and skepticism of the future for our corrupt Western society.

Tell me the story of how you met and formed the band?

Bauer: I was in a band called The Front and my band played shows with [Regilio’s] girlfriend at the time – The Pity Party. And I met him because he came to see his girlfriend’s band. And then my band broke up, he broke up with his girlfriend, and we formed a band together.

Regilio: He’s the closest thing I have to a girlfriend now, and that’s very, very depressing.

Michael Bauer, Michael Regilio, Jerry Roe, Davin Givhan (from left to right); Useless Keys. Photo by Jasmine Safaeian.

Bauer: When we started the band it was just us two, in a bedroom for like 6 months, writing songs, then we found a bass player and a drummer to play with, and we had them for about a year and a half, and we ended up with a new bass player and drummer. We really kinda screwed around the first year and a half of the band. We didn’t really see the band going anywhere. And as people reacted to it we were like “Wow, we could do this!”

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BRAIDS – Raphaelle Standel-Preston [Interview]

BRAIDS, like so many unshakable memories, has its foundations set in high school. Now working out of Montreal, the members all met in Calgary, some through participation in jazz combos, others in the theatre, during piano lessons and even on a trip to Europe. The pieces slowly fell into place for a musical team anchored in friendship. Raphaelle Standel-Preston, the woman behind the vocals and guitar of this experimental indie pop group,  broke her leg as a teenager and decided to snatch up the axe. Music lovers are thankful. The rest of the family includes Austin Tufts as drummer/vocalist, Taylor Smith who plays multiple instruments and sings, and Katie Lee who offers up her keyboard tickling as well as her voice. That’s right, everyone sings. To say that the group is harmonious may be a bad joke on my part, but the statement speaks on multiple levels. The band is currently on tour throughout Canada and the States with such groups as Pepper Rabbit and Painted Palms, and will then move on to Europe. Praise follows the quartet on their tour for their debut album, Native Speaker, as it captures audiences and critics alike with a smooth sound that is far from boring or mundane.

Braids. Photo courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR.

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