Kings of Convenience at The Fillmore 10/28/2011 [Review]

San Francisco had waited six years for the Kings of Convenience to return to the Bay Area; The Fillmore was sold out and the crowd was eager, but good natured. In fact, they were so laid-back it took a few moments for them to realize that Erlend Øye himself had bounded on-stage to introduce the openers. Seth Petterson and the Undertow capitalized on the feel-good vibe that permeated the venue by playing its special brand of power folk-rock, interspersed with melancholic chords and an old-school sound that was impossible not to be charmed by. A rousing version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” swallowed the audience whole; we were ready for KoC but, as one delighted crowd member called out, Seth Petterson and the Undertow “nailed it.”

Seth Peterson and the Undertow. Photo by Korrena Bailie

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Concert Preview: Kings of Convenience – The Fillmore 10/28/2011


Venue: THE FILLMORE, 10/28/2011

Doors: 9pm

Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe have been playing their distinctive brand of Scandinavian folk-pop for over 12 years but, despite amassing a passionate cult following, Kings of Convenience continues to fly somewhat under the radar. Maybe it’s because they’ve only released three studio albums in total (plus one album of remixes). Maybe it’s because they tour sporadically. Maybe it’s because they’ve been dogged with rumors of a split, or Øye’s solo projects have kept him otherwise occupied.

Photo by Quique Lopéz, CC BY 2.0

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Sharktoberfest – Nightlife at the Academy of Sciences 10/6/11

Because I’m grouchy and pre-disposed to look at masses of screaming children as if they’re an oncoming plague, I avoid any museums targeted towards kids. The California Academy of Sciences circumvents this problem with its weekly Nightlife program every Thursday night: $12 entry! Cocktails! Planetarium shows! DJs playing ambient music while you stare into the depths of the aquarium!

And–gloriously–it’s for 21s and over. Sorry kids–you will just have to go during the day.

Photo by Korrena Bailie.

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Katy B

On paper, Katy B is an unlikely candidate as the fresh, populist face of dubstep  – she’s a graduate of the famous BRIT School in London – notable stablemates include Kate Nash, Jessie J, Adele and Amy Winehouse. People took notice when she was featured prominently on Magnetic Man’s eponymous debut; it was her sultry, soulful vocals that elevated Crossover and Perfect Stranger into significantly better sums of their parts. Magnetic Man recorded a session for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and Katy B’s striking, restrained vocals, intermingling with a string quintet, leaves the listener feeling haunted and, most importantly, impressed by her vocal maturity.

Her debut solo single, Katy on a Mission”, produced by Benga and stamped with his indelible touch, reached the UK Top Ten; her follow-up, Lights On, a lively collaboration with Miss Dynamite, was also a top ten success, establishing Katy B as one of the most exciting dubstep artists out there. Read more of this post