Extra® Dessert Delights® Tasting: Extra! Extra! Eat all about it! [Tasting Event]

In case you didn’t know, there are three flavors competing for consumers’ votes to become the newest specimen of Extra® Dessert Delights®. We (yes, you and me!) can choose from: Bananas Foster, Root Beer Float and Lemon Square (this last flavor was determined during an episode of Top Chef Just Desserts). The vote ends on November 12th and the winning flavor will be announced on the 16th.

Photo by Michelle Lee

To raise awareness of this important vote, Extra® held a tasting event on Wednesday, November 2nd  at the Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant, a cute and classy restaurant-bar on 1st Street. Tasters were directed to a room separate from the dining area, which was elegantly decorated with candle centerpieces, water carafes and variegated displays of the already existing flavors.

On each plate lay a menu listing the delectable treats we would soon be enjoying, including apple pie, orange cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream, strawberry shortcake and key lime pie, in addition to the three desserts that inspired the competing flavors.

Photo by Michelle Lee.

Servers brought out plates with bite-sized miniature desserts, and we were instructed to eat as much of one treat as we wanted and then to chew the corresponding gum. Tasters were free to discuss their thoughts and then deposit their masticated debris in the provided bowl. Then, we would move on to the next dessert and its gum twin.

The first plate, with the three competing desserts, was yummy! I’m not a big fan of lemon-anything so the lemon “square” (they cut it into triangles) was not my favorite. The lemon square gum, on the other hand, was my favorite. Nom nom. The other tasters said that the lemon gum was too sweet and tasted more like cotton candy, but to me it was more refreshing and clean compared to the savory bananas foster and the licorice-y root beer float. You might feel this is biased, but that’s the point–I’m writing and they’re my taste buds. Wa ha ha.

Desserts on the left. Gum twins on the right. Photo by Michelle Lee.

The desserts themselves were made in-house, which was a thoughtful effort on the part of the venue. The downside to having custom-made desserts was that they weren’t generic. If you want to compare an orange creme pop gum to the real thing, it’s hard to compare that to a mousse with citrus hints garnished with candied tangerine. There was somewhat of a disconnect between the nostalgic desserts of our childhood and the miniature beaux arts presented to us. Thank God the venue provided water and a tart, sparking fruit cider to cleanse the palate between flavors. Even as a self-proclaimed dessert lover, too many sweet sensations on the tongue can be an overload.

I loved the fact that the PR company and Extra® representatives sat down with the invited testers to eat and discuss, instead of standing in a corner watching us gorge on desserts while taking notes. My +1 (eventseekr editor, Lucia!) and I were in the first of three testing tiers, so the PR people and the Extra® rep were in for two more servings of all eight desserts. Lucky them!

Other attendees in our tasting group included Anita Chu, owner of Dessert First, a blog dedicated to pastries and sweets.

Now, it’s your turn! If you know what the desserts taste like, cast your vote for your favorite(s)! And for all you hardcore Extra® Dessert Delight® lovers, good news—you can vote as many times as you want. So, if you can’t choose or can’t play favorites, you can vote for all three.

To vote, log in to your Facebook, and go to the Extra® Gum page (https://www.facebook.com/extragum or http://www.extragumvote.com/), choose the flavor you want most and vote! Side note, you can’t vote via Facebook Mobile app, so if you want to vote on your mobile device, use your internet browser and head to http://m.extragumvote.com/ and choose your favorite that way.


Extra Gum Official Facebook

Extra Gum Voting Site

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