Phantogram – November 2nd @ The Fillmore [Concert Preview]

Artist: Phantogram
Venue: The Fillmore
Doors: 8pm

New York’s indie electro pop band Phantogram made a strong impression on the festival scene this summer. This year, the band played at San Francisco’s Outside Lands and the hugely popular Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, officially making a name for itself in the increasingly recognized electro-infused indie rock music genre. I had the pleasure of catching its Outside Lands performance, which drew a huge crowd of excited fans. That set was definitely one of the most memorable performances of the weekend, standing out especially among the afternoon bands. Phantogram dropped some heavy beats and produced an epic stage energy to match, which has resulted in a long list of upcoming shows on its fall cross-country tour.

Phantogram. Photo by Doron Gild.

Phantogram’s live shows are a dichotomy of heavy and light elements. If you’re into electro-pop, trip-hop, and indie rock fusion sounds, this band has got that covered in layers. Its sounds consist of a good dose of electronic bass, synth reverberations, distorted yet organic guitars, keyboard, and even the occasional horn outburst. Sarah Barthel’s vocals are breathy, expansive and ethereal, while Josh Carter’s are sharp and honest without treading on harshness. Upbeat, looping drums support the synth beats that the duo visibly rock out to throughout the performance. At Outside Lands, Barthel’s immediate foot-stomping and bob-shaking set the tone of the show, while Carter paced the stage with a microphone, creating waves of energy. Together, they are not afraid to mix it up and step outside the boundaries of their recorded album at their live shows. At Outside Lands, the duo rocked out with the audience to a reverberating remix of one of their tracks, seemingly recreated by Barthel on the spot.

On November 2nd, Phantogram will bring its banging beats to The Fillmore in San Francisco. With a new mini-album, Nightlife, coming out on November 1st, we can expect to hear an earful of new music from the duo at their upcoming show. Two songs off the album have been pre-released, and Pitchfork has already featured one of them, “Don’t Move,” as a best new track. Phantogram embraces its pop side on these songs, straying from the more moody sounds heard on the debut album, Eyelid Movies, in favor of a sound that is sometimes lighter than air.

So, let’s recap the options: stay home and assume the normal Wednesday couch potato position, or celebrate the mid-week night at The Fillmore with Phantogram for a show that’s sure to be awesome fun. All other factors put aside, I can confidently say which option you won’t regret.


Phantogram Official Website

The Fillmore Official Website

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