Fashion Week Spring 2012 [Review]

Fashion Week is by far my favorite holiday of the year. As if there weren’t enough attractive people roaming the streets of New York already, this festive occasion makes the numbers skyrocket. I had the opportunity to attend Fashion Week this year in a different capacity. Instead of being a guest, I was a photographer knee-deep in the trenches, otherwise known as “the pit,” with the rest of the troops. As glamorous as it all may seem, this week was intense. I was running from show to show, throwing elbows to get the “right shot,” staking claim to prime real estate hours before shows commenced, and running on no food and no sleep. The days and shows blended into one crazy storm of fabulousness. Now, with a cup of coffee in hand, I can sit back, sort through it all, and share some of my favorite moments with you.

Once upon a time, Fashion Week was held at Bryant Park. It’s now held uptown, and the Lincoln Center is its new home, which I have mixed feelings about. As I approached the gates to Fashion Week heaven, I couldn’t help but notice the flocks of curious people posted up in front of the Lincoln Center, waiting to gush over the celebrities that were pouring in, or just checking out the hordes of stylish individuals coming and going. As I walked up the black carpeted steps and got clearance from security to go in, I couldn’t help but feel privileged. Once inside, the magic began.

Photo by Heather Perry.

I was ecstatic because the very first show I attended was for one of my favorite designers, Mara Hoffman. Walking into her show, I was instantly greeted by the string-filled sounds of Mexico. The show, which was aptly named Mara Mexicana, drew inspiration from Mexico, and the live mariachi band set the mood perfectly. Ms. Hoffman openly stated that she drew ideas from Frida Kahlo, and it was clearly reflected in the presentation. Aztec prints in eye-popping neon colors lit up the room; from the bold fabrics braided into their hair to the silk espadrilles that wrapped elegantly around their ankles, the models were decked out in Mara’s bold designs from head to toe. The show was beautiful and such a splendid way to kick off Fashion Week, but Adios Mara and Felicitaciones! Off to the next show!

Photo by Heather Perry.

Photo by Heather Perry.

Photo by Heather Perry.

Music plays a vital role in every show, whether it’s provided by live drummers, mariachi bands or in this case a famous DJ. Heading into a gorgeous loft overlooking the Hudson River for the Carlos Campos show, I couldn’t help but walk in with a little swagger to the hip-hop beats being spun by the one and only Theophilus London, who was rocking Carlos Campos himself.

Theophilus London. Photo by Heather Perry.

Carlos Campos stuck to the classics this season, with a fresh and modern feel to his designs. His color palette consisted of pale blues, soft oranges, and bleached yellows, tones positively fitting for a spring collection. This collection definitely allowed for versatility, designed to easily mix and match into any wardrobe. The use of cottons gave the clothing a casual feeling while the introduction of silks and the slim tailored cuts of the clothing instantly made them clean and crisp. The shoes–oh the shoes! Although designed for men, I want a pair so bad! The multi-colored oxfords were definitely drool-worthy. Speaking of drool-worthy, have I mentioned the models? OK I won’t go there, but the one thing I love better than a well-dressed woman, is well, a well-dressed man!

Photo by Heather Perry.

Photo by Heather Perry.

Photo by Heather Perry.

Most of the shows I attended were full of color. Whether designers used a pale color palette like Carlos Campos or bright neon flashes like Mara Hoffman, color was everywhere–except at the Bebe show. Color was absent from this show in every way, shape and form. Was this a bad thing? I’m going to have to say “No.” I felt that Bebe replaced color with extreme femininity backed up with a sense of purity. The models walked the runway in white from head to toe, like six-foot tall breaths of fresh air. White Victorian-style wigs were placed on every model, and the Victorian theme kept going all the way down to the delicate lace and ruffles that adorned the dresses and skirts I was going ga-ga over. This show was definitely a shocker to me because Bebe is usually where I go if I need a dress to wear for a night out on the town in Vegas. I guess in the spring I’ll be going to Bebe looking for a dress to wear out for a spot of tea.

Photos by Heather Perry.

Photos by Heather Perry.

“Everybody has a clothing line these days.” That’s what I remember saying when I was asked to go to the Daisy Fuentes show. You remember her–MTV VJ back in the day, yeah? I can honestly say I was super thrilled to go, but more curious than anything. By the time the show ended, I was ready to be decked out in some Daisy Fuentes! The show started with soft Brazilian melodies filling the room–Brazilian music being my favorite, I was instantly hooked. I was so blown away by how beautifully this show was executed that I almost forgot to start taking photos. Unlike some other celebs (who shall remain nameless) with designer clothing lines out, you know that Daisy had done more than just lend her name to the label. From the flowing bouncy curls of the models’ hair to the practical, yet attractive clothing, it all reminded me of Daisy. With each model that walked down the runway, it was as if I were watching Daisy herself hit the catwalk. This collection screamed out her signature style: sophistication with a bohemian touch. The dresses were simple and elegant and had the ability to easily go from day to night; work to happy hour dresses! Beautiful beach cover ups, fantastic blazers, flirty shorts and jumpers–these are the kinds of clothes you can wear every day and feel really pretty in.

Photo by Heather Perry.

Photo by Heather Perry.

And last but not least, A Detacher (pronounced phonetically “aaaaaahhhhh daaaaay taaaaa shaaaaay”). I literally jumped for joy when I found out I was going to this show. I knew what I was in for: a wish list longer than the Christmas lists I used to write as a child. The beautiful prints, the amazing tailoring, the structure and the shoes, THE SHOES! According to the designer, this collection was inspired by “Grandmothers and hanging out with grandmothers.” That being said, these pieces were a re-worked version of your grandmother’s clothes done with a youthful feel. There were shirts with V necks plunging down the models’ chests and dresses that left one shoulder exposed–Grandma would not have approved. The color palette consisted of muted browns, burnt oranges and soft grays, with bright bold blues making an appearance every now and then.

Photo by Heather Perry.

Photo by Heather Perry.

The main event may have ended, and the fashion storm that swept through New York has now moved on to Europe. I can only hold my breath until the next storm hits and sweeps me away next season! So I will now leave you with a quote a brilliant girl once wore on her bag:

Photo by Heather Perry.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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6 Responses to Fashion Week Spring 2012 [Review]

  1. Lindsay Baum says:

    Came across your post great article & pics! I also attended fashion week and love the way that you summed it all up!

  2. I don’t even know much about high fashion, but the things I love in this post include: the neon red/orange earrings in the Mara show, the white dress in the top right of the Bebe dresses, the photo of the guys’ torsos and legs looking all East Coast beach preppy, the colorful descriptions of not just the individual shows but of the entire event. I felt like I was there!

  3. Gordon Szeto says:

    Great stuff, Heather!

  4. Barak Shrama says:

    I can feel every photo that you took. You did such a great job!
    I just love it all!!!!!

  5. BrawlioElias says:

    I love this post and I love the photography. You have a great eye for aesthetic and the narrative to the story made me feel like if I was there!!! Would love to see more!!!

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