SebastiAn – Mezzanine 9/10/2011[Review]

Last Saturday at Mezzanine, Ed Banger Records’ SebastiAn headlined with a live set that showed off his signature hard, crisp, glitch-heavy French-electro sound. I had been yearning to see SebastiAn for quite some time. The openers for the French-house DJ were three acts local to San Francisco: Niteppl, Realboy and Nisus.

Local EDM label Our House Records, who co-promoted the event with Blasthaus, was founded by Realboy. As a band and label, they are heavily influenced by the French-house sound that SebastiAn and the entire Ed Rec Crew are synonymous with. It’s also a genre of dance music that I hold very near and dear to my heart, and it goes without saying that my anticipation levels for the evening were quite high.

Realboy members Daniel Gomez and Austin D. Jacobsen. Photo by Joey Pangilinan

Niteppl, an electronic-dance band, were close to finishing up their set as my friends and I arrived, and had already gotten the crowd into a nice little sweat. Following them up was their label mate, Realboy. I caught a portion of Realboy’s set at Milk Bar a few days prior, and liked what I heard. At Mezzanine, their DJ-set was a gloriously endless stream of thumping house beats with sprinkles of well-meshed distorted electro here and there. Although Realboy members Daniel Gomez and Austin D. Jacobsen aren’t old enough to purchase an alcoholic drink at any of the Mezzanine’s bars, they should be commended for their knowledge on how to properly DJ a party.

Nisus. Photo by Joey Pangilinan.

I had seen Nisus open for Boys Noize on two separate occasions, and just like before, he incited a whole lot of dancing at Mezzanine. Not only did he drop his sweet re-edit of Duck Sauce’s “Big Bad Wolf,” he did so whilst sporting one gnarly looking beard. Nisus was also sporting a San Francisco Giants cap, and I’m sure others in the crowd had the same reaction I did when he first came on stage: “the heck is Brian Wilson doing up there?” It will be really fun to see him spin again this weekend when he opens up for Crookers at the Mighty.

SebastiAn. Photo by Joey Pangilinan.

At well past midnight, SebastiAn finally took the stage. With a big video screen behind him, and banners bearing his name flanked on each side of the stage, the centerpiece of his live setup, naturally, was his podium right up front. All of these visuals combined gave off the image that SebastiAn was our commander, wielding some kind of awesome, absolute power; dare I say like some kind of dictator.

Already amped, the crowd roared as soon as SebastiAn appeared from behind his podium — it was evident that we had already accepted him as our leader. After all, we did his bidding and danced to his music all night long. Occasionally taking drags from a cigarette or sips of a drink out of a whisky glass, SebastiAn would acknowledge the crowd by raising one or both arms in the air – sometimes with a hardened look, sometimes with a grin from ear to ear. The crowd would go ape-shit and follow suit.

SebastiAn. Photo by Joey Pangilinan.

I don’t smoke. I don’t even know how to take a proper drag, but goodness gracious, the man knows how to make smoking and taking a drag look damn cool.

Also not seen were the instruments that gave SebastiAn his power. Hidden behind his podium, he kept the secrets of his trade to himself.

If there was one quibble that let me down, it was the omission of three tracks: “Embody,” “C.T.F.O.” and “Motor.” The first two being his lead singles off Total, his debut full length album, and “Motor” being what many fans, myself included, would consider their favorite track from him. Oh well.

SebastiAn. Photo by Joey Pangilinan.

I can’t fault SebastiAn too much. I did swoon, and buckle over with joy when he played “Ross Ross Ross,” “Dog” and “Greel.”  Just like his label mates Justice, Busy P and the rest of the Ed Rec Crew, as well as those other French DJs with a master flair for the French touch, SebastiAn is a master showman and what you got that night from SebastiAn was one heck of a show.


SebastiAn Official Facebook

Ed Banger Records Official Facebook

Ed Banger Records (Busy P) Official Twitter

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4 Responses to SebastiAn – Mezzanine 9/10/2011[Review]

  1. JON says:

    oh goody! please let me know when the pictures are up. or where would i find them when they do get uploaded?

    i was impressed by nisus’ performance. and i’m sure the crookers event is going to be killer.

    i’m organizing all the youtube videos of sebastian’s set (and the show at the avalon; i had the pleasure to go to both west coast venues) in their proper order on this playlist: if you ever feel the need to reminisce on his set, some people got some quality footage!

    thanks again!

    • Joey Pangilinan says:

      just keep a look out on our twitter and facebook, and we’ll provide links soon enough. i’ll have the Crookers write-up out in a few days. as expected, they tore up the Mighty quite nicely. Nisus opened up again… and the man is just awesome behind the decks. chopped it up with him after set this time. super nice guy.

      you got some awesome footage, too, btw

  2. JON says:

    he played a remix of ’embody’ at the end before he got “assassinated” and he also played the neus remix of ‘motor’ !! epic show was epic. any more pictures?

    • Joey Pangilinan says:

      gosh dammit.. well, you’ll have to forgive me then. i’m just not familiar with those remixes, although i guess my suspicions were right when i *thought* i heard “Motor” at one point.

      but indeed, epic show was epic.

      i took a lot more photos from last week, and plan on getting them on our flickr account sooner rather than later. actually, we’re back-logged as far as posting my photogs from Coachella, Lollapalooza and Outside Lands onto that account, too. rest assured, it’s all on the way… also, look out for our coverage of Crookers tmrw night at Mighty. can’t wait for that one!

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