Bag Raiders Raid the Mezzanine 8/26/2011 [Review]

I’m going to admit it–I’ve never been to a concert at a club before, so my first experience was at the Mezzanine last Friday night. Before you start giving me your pitying looks and skeptical glances though, I’m going to cut you off and say that I’m no longer a live music n00b. And who was it who educated me in the ways of awesome live club music, you ask?

Why it was none other than the Australian Bag Raiders, featuring DJ duo Chris Stracey and Jack Glass.

Photo by Tabia Chui.

To be honest, at the beginning of the show, I was seriously wondering whether or not Bag Raiders was worth the wait. It was my first time at a club, and I wasn’t exactly enjoying myself. It wasn’t fun accidentally seeing couples suck each other’s faces off around me while getting elbowed by people who were already drunk (compared to a very sober me). I was convinced that – more than once – I had stepped in puke with my fancy new biodegradable green shoes. I was absolutely sure that I could be doing better things with my time.

Photo by Tabia Chui.

Basically, this wasn’t starting out as the best night of my life. And to top it all off, the crowd got wilder when the Bag Raiders were getting ready to come on, which did scare me to some extent. This meant more shoving, elbowing and sweaty awkward claustrophobia. But, I now know that the crowd got excited for a damn good reason.

The Bag Raiders definitely brought the place down with their bouncy synthesized beats, suave voices and fun stage personalities. The music wasn’t overbearing with the loud ear-splitting distortions that I expected from stereotypical house music, and the steady beats were easy to listen to but still managed to ramp up a good party.

Photo by Tabia Chui.

In other words, you didn’t need to be drunk to want to move along to the music.

It was also fun to just watch the duo up on stage. Unlike the DJs from earlier that night, the Bag Raiders had drums set up along with the traditional DJ fare, and it was entertaining to watch them switch between the various instruments while swinging around and never missing a beat (literally). The Bag Raiders focused their set list around their most recent self-titled album, Bag Raiders, which was released in October 2010. Luckily, I listened to this album right before the live to get a feel for them, and I was able to identify some of my personal favorites, “Always” and “Not Over,” on the set list by ear.

It’s also at moments like these when you realize that these men are amazing both in the studio and on the stage. Their music and sound quality was quite on par with their studio-recorded work, and this was certainly impressive after experiencing other live performances when this wasn’t the case. It also helped that the Mezzanine’s sound system lived up to its standards and the Bag Raiders could be heard clearly from every spot in the club.

All in all, the Bag Raiders were an excellent way to end an evening (well, technically morning by the time the show ended). I realized that the two men certainly deserved their reputation and all the clout some fellow Australians from the “Norf” were giving them. The duo’s energy transformed the night from a drunken rolling stupor into a party that was worth attending.

Photo by Tabia Chui.

To the Bag Raiders–holy dooley, you were so ace! Thanks heaps for that party that just kept going off! (How’s that for Australian?)


Bag Raiders Official Site

Mezzanine SF Official Site

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