When people think of Japan, no doubt visions of geisha and ninjas come to mind.

But, what about rock?

Well, rock is alive and well on the Japanese indie scene, and the band Dogma is no exception. With their ability to switch from rugged riffs to sophisticated ballads, Dogma has rocked the indie scene not only in Japan, but in Taiwan as well.

Dogma formed in 2004 and continues production with most of their original members. The current members are Azusa Takehiro (vocals), Ura Kazuaki (guitar), Taki Ryusei (bass) and Daiki Yusyou (drums).

Dogma likes to prove that they, as their name suggests, follow their own dogma–to never lose sight of one’s self. And they’ve most definitely kept to their promise with their unique sound.

The band has also been actively producing and performing music. A mini album titled Hieroglyph was released in 2007. They followed this release with a country-wide tour in Japan and finished with their first, and very successful, headlining gig in Osaka.

Since then, Dogma has grown as performers by playing in support for various foreign bands touring Japan. The band also released a second mini album, Aeon, which lead to another country-wide tour that ended, again, in Osaka.

The band will have performances at the upcoming Unionway Fest Kobe Live Circuit on June 18th (Saturday), and Osaka’s Shinsaibashi CLUB DROP on June 24th (Friday).

Dogma’s music will particularly appeal to punk music fans. The band enjoys making use of guitar riffs, but they make sure that they don’t overdo it to the point of becoming heavy metal. Their live music has also proven time and time again to rouse and capture their audiences and their connection with their fans is evident in their relaxed—but still exciting—performances.

The musical style is also perhaps something that people may feel strangely familiar. This is definitely a result of Dogma’s eclectic tastes in music as they draw upon their various influences to produce their own sound.

Takehiro’s versatile voice also demonstrates an undeniable talent with his ability to take on and challenge different singing styles. Kazuaki, Ryusei and Yusyou also impress listeners with their respective instruments’ melodies and rhythms. All in all, the vocals, guitars and drums come together to create a powerful sound that most definitely point towards a bright future as up and coming musicians. It’s fairly rare to hear or read things about things like rock in Japan, but it’s certainly a thriving movement that Dogma is a part of.


Dogma’s Official MySpace

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