8 Worthwhile Music Personalities on Twitter

I have learned that Twitter is an interesting and vital source in how we all disseminate information amongst one another. Through our personal twitter accounts and our tweets, we inevitably show off sides of our personalities. 140 characters at a time of course. Here is a list of some of my favorite folks in the music industry that I have found great pleasure in following on Twitter. Most, if not all of these personalities are certainly worth your attention as well.

Andrew WK

Even if you don’t really listen to his music, the man knows how to party and is a wealth of inspiration that motivates you to also go out and party… hard!


The Philadelphia native is one half of Major Lazer, and has produced hits for MIA, Chris Brown and a hosts others. The man works hard, plays hard, and does not hold back in his tweets. When fellow renowned electronic-dance music (EDM) DJ Boys Noize made a snarky and pointed tweet at digital download site Beatport, Diplo added  this little ditty:

Tyler, the Creator

Who doesn’t remember being 20 years old, and filled with reckless abandon, and a discontent for authority? When his debut solo LP, Goblin, came out in early May, Tyler was detained by police and later tweeted his distaste for the Los Angeles boys in blue.

More recently than that is some criticism made by Tegan of indie-rock’s Tegan and Sara. Tegan, as well as her sister Sara are both lesbians, asserted that members in the music media have given Tyler, as well as the rest of Odd Future to an extent, a pass on his homophobic and misogynistic slurs and rape and murder fantasies. The entirety of Tegan’s open letter can be found on the band’s website. A polarizing young artist for sure, Tyler is likely to still garner attention for more time to come.


Dubstep has progressively grown in popularity in that last few years. When something becomes part of mainstream popular culture, a dilution of what made it popular in the first place invariably takes place. So while there are many who create those wobbly beats, Skream is arguably one of the bests. Not only is he one of my favorite dubstep DJs, but one of favorite DJs in general. Skream often  replies to fans when the time is available.


One of the best DJs that the EDM scene has to offer, Kaskade has been offering new, old or just plain unreleased songs via his soundcloud.

One of my favorites is this remix of Hall & Oats’ “I Can’t Go For That”.

Donald Glover

Glover’s biggest breakthrough so far is his role on the ensemble sitcom “Community” as well as a successful stand-up act, but he has put released a pair of EPs under his Childish Gambino guise. Last summer, he campaigned throughout Twitter, and tried his mightiest for just a chance to audition for the role of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man in the upcoming Spidey-reboot of the franchise.

Also, pretty recently he live-tweeted people having sex in an ATM vestibule:



The guy tweets –  a lot. Music, politics, sports… I mean we all do, but goodness gracious, the Roots drummer is a lean, mean tweetin’ machine. I wanted to find a link to an update he made about a game winning three-pointer that Lebron James had converted in a playoff game while still with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is already two years ago, and it is difficult to go back and search for a tweet that dates back that far, but everything is compounded by the fact that Questlove simply tweets so damn much.

Conan O’Brien

While Glover may at least have put out some musical work, O’Brien isn’t primarily known as a musician per-se, but he can wield an axe, and shred the guitar alongside his musical guest. Besides, it’s just good Twitter-etiquette to follow Coco.

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