The French House style (sometimes called French Touch) in dance music was emblazoned and popularized in the minds of music lovers in the 1990s mostly because of Daft Punk. Fast forward to over a decade later, and French House is still popular as ever. Daft Punk’s former manager Busy P is now running the dance label Ed Banger Records. So it’s really no surprise that the French Touch continues on. Part of the stable of artist at Ed Banger includes Busy P himself, Justice and SebastiAn.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to see some of my most favorite DJ-acts including Boys Noize, A-Trak and of course Justice. SebastiAn on the other hand, is one of those few that I have yet to see, and am completely dying for an opportunity to see live and in person.

I have always felt that each producer, especially an Electronic Dance-Music (EDM) producer/ DJ, has their own intangible signature sound that is instantly recognizable.

French House for sure, but there is this added flavor to SebastiAn’s sound that makes his beats that much more jagged, heavier and harder than most. This is what sets SebastiAn apart. If you thought Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” was loud and in your face, then you should always make sure to wear some sort of face mask to protect your eyes, ears, mouth and nose from melting off as you listen to SebastiAn’s remix of the track. “Motor” is also in the same breath. It isn’t a song that just makes you want to drop your shoulders, wiggle your legs and dance. Rather, it’s a song that gets you to dance that much harder because the beats absolutely compel your body to do so.

I want that experience!

Lucky for me, and for other fans of SebastiAn alike, Ed Banger just released “Embody”, the first single on SebastiAn’s first album, Total, which is set for a May release in a few weeks. Infectious is how I would best describe “Embody.” I dare any fan of dancing to not shake their shoulders upon their initial listen.

My hope is that with Total’s release, some sort of tour will follow. What makes me salivate even more is just the thought of SebastiAn touring with his label mates Justice in support of their own new album, Civilization. Again, this is all just what I’m hoping for, but man alive, SebastiAn on tour with Justice would just be too awesome for words that I think my head would likely explode if it actually happens.

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